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Esther Devar is a Certified Financial Planner specialising in Risk Planning - Asset Protection - Retirement Planning - Investment Planning- Business Assurance Employee benefits and medical aid. 

We offer the full financial planning spectrum of services including Shar' iah compliant investments. The practice encompasses holistic planning tailor made to suit your individual needs. Our focus is Financial Wellness. Together with Multiply which is our wellness program. 

We help our clients to make the right choices so that they can live a better , healthier life and we give you the the money to help you afford it.

Risk Planning

Dying prematurely, becoming disabled or suffering a critical illness are all major events which would substantially impact on your financial situation and that of your family. Risk planning uses the six-step process to quantify the financial impact of such events and considers appropriate methods of managing these risks. Life insurance is one of the most cost-effective methods of providing for these risks. Esther Devar will provide access to industry-leading products.

Asset protection (short-term insurance planning)

Protecting your assets against the risks of theft, fire and other damage is achieved by way of short-term insurance. I work hand-in-hand with the Momentum Short-term Insurance team in providing innovative asset protection solutions.

Retirement planning

A Financial Plan should including saving for retirement, emergencies and Education. All should be correctly earmarked and different vehicles used for each objective. This will ensure that emergencies that arise do not eat into the retirement or education funds. Many people save diligently for retirement until as emergency arises, which results in them dipping into retirement funds.

Although this is better than borrowing to handle an emergency, it isn’t advised because it’s so difficult to catch up on retirement savings when they’ve been used for other purposes. “Although this is better than borrowing to handle an emergency, it isn’t advised because it’s so difficult to catch up on retirement savings when they’ve been used for other purposes”. Moneyweb. 05/12/2018

The benefits of Retirement Annuity in Retirement Planning: Tax Efficiency, Dedicated savings and the plan is structured according to your needs.

Extract From Moneyweb 05/12/2018 Ciaran Ryan.

Those in the retirement industry bemoan the fact that South Africans are poor savers and are often one emergency away from trashing what savings they have. There are a few immutable truths about retirement savings that are often overlooked:
• Start early and put 15% into retirement savings as soon as you start working.
• Worry less about which investment house is managing your money than the end goal of maintaining a decent standard of living when you retire.
• Never touch your retirement savings for any reason, not even emergencies.
• Plan for a long life, well beyond the retirement age of 65.

According to the Money web article, there’s no easy way around this “We focus on getting people to have a retirement plan in place so they don’t get distracted by fads and get-rich-quick schemes that are supposed to get you there faster. The main thing is to have patience. People want to see quick returns, and this lack of patience can be disastrous. If they save R1 000 a month and at the end of the year they see just R12 500, they start to question why they are putting in all that effort for such little return. But the returns come much further down the road.”

Investment planning

The creation and preservation of wealth is a highly specialised discipline. It takes a number of factors into account, including risk, taxation and liquidity to ensure that your investments are appropriate to your needs and circumstances. Understanding investment risk is one of the keys to investing successfully because any investment decision implies some risk. I will assist you in designing an investment portfolio suited to your unique risk profile and the duration of your investment.

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